YURI - Into You



The time has finally come! It’s YURI of Girls’ Generation’s time to have her solo debut and remind everybody in the world that the Black Pearl is still in the scene and going strong. While YURI isn’t my personal bias, she is my best friend’s, and I’ve always had a soft spot for her because of that. I was somewhat shocked that she was one of the members to stay within SM, and even moreso to learn that she was getting a solo debut, but I was also ecstatic to see what kind of style she would hit us with.

The Song

YURI isn’t exactly known for her vocals, and this song allowed her to stay firmly planted within the boundaries of what would be comfortable for her in that regard. It’s not so much about delivering a powerhouse of vocals - it’s just a display showing what her capabilities are in total. The instrumentals of this track are surprisingly a lot more open and spaced than I thought they would be, especially considering that she isn’t the strongest singer. Still, it works out and the presentation overall is very clean and palatable.

The song is sadly just a little bit too repetitive for me, personally. That hook happens for a lot of the song, and to me it isn’t all that catchy. In terms of atmosphere, I think I would have rather seen YURI go for something a lot more dance-oriented, showing off more on that side because I think she’s still one of the strongest female K-pop dancers out there. Overall, though, I’m okay with this song. It doesn’t strike me as something I’ll have on repeat, but I’m really happy that she finally got a solo debut and that SM is testing the waters.

The Video

Okay we have to start with this - has YURI aged even a day since debut? I swear that SM is straight up just giving their artists water from the fountain of youth. She looks incredible in this music video in every damn shot and it’s insane. Not only that, but SM actually put in a lot more budget than I really thought they might have for this debut. There are so many fun, colorful outfits that she got to put on and it was really great to see that. Some of the special effects were a little on the cheesy side, sure, but a majority of everything else was great.

In terms of the video itself, it does kind of get carried by the fact that YURI herself is alluring. There’s not really many interesting sets or a plot going on, and there’s very little in terms of interesting imagery to decipher. Still, though, YURI is charismatic as always, and she shines so well in this video. Kudos to SM’s choice of director for some of the great color palette choices, though. There’s a great mix of bright and dark, as well as cool and hot colors, and all of it just makes for a visual feast that really helps make this video more engaging than it should have been. Those water scenes against the reds and purples of the skyline were so gorgeous. Anyway, yeah. This video was decent and had more support from SM than I would have thought. I hope that with her next comeback we get a bit more to look at and think about than YURI herself, but hey, I’m not too upset about that, either.


“Into You” is definitely not the debut song that I thought YURI would end up having, but I kind of like how it subverted my expectations on that front. It doesn’t push her too far out of her comfort zone, it has a distinct vibe that’s different from Girls’ Generation, and it shows off YURI in a way that she hadn’t gotten much spotlight to do so with before this. If you’re a SONE, or even just a fan of YURI, give this track a listen. It’s been a long time coming and we should support this move by SM so that we can see more endeavors out of them.