Eyedi is a 22-year-old solo artist under the Bace Camp Studio record label. She debuted in 2016, and has released four singles and one full-length album since then. More recently, Eyedi has appeared on the JTBC survival show Mixnine, after having passed her audition. 

What I Love
Eyedi's music has a particular style to it that I find is actually missing in a majority of the mainstream K-Pop scene. There's an evident sense of a more adult edge to her songs. They have a natural essence of sleek sexiness that isn't overblown or excessively upfront. Instead, her music has a mature flair that's structured in a restrained manner that makes it feel less like a gimmick and more like an inherent characteristc. 

Song Recommendations


Eyedi's debut song, "Sign," is when I first fell in love with her. A funky bass guitar line accompanied by a simple, snappy drumbeat and Eyedi's feathery voice all culminate into an easy to digest song. I had this song on repeat for a whole day or two when I first heard it, and to this day I still think the song is a great listen.


"Best Mistake" is the title track off of Eyedi's first, and currently only, album. It has a heavier vibe to it overall than "Sign" does, and it shows off Eyedi's ability to conform her voice to various styles of songs within a similar genre. Fingersnaps, a drowned kick drum, handclaps, and a loud thumping set of drums all vary up the beat while a rich strum of guitar notes accents a low blasting synth. "Best Mistake" is the song too many people slept on in 2017 and it still feels fresh right now.



Eyedi is a music artist that isn't getting the attention that she deserves. She might have a bit more traction going for her after appearing on Mixnine (I haven't got any data to say one way or another), but I honestly think that she could have, and should have, received recognition prior to that. With the catchy, snappy beats behind her sensual and sophisticated voice, Eyedi brings a refined sense of maturity to the K-Pop scene that is otherwise missing in a majority of the mainstream music. I personally can't wait to see what else she brings to us in the future, and you should look forward to that as well.

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